Learning path

Here are the recommended learning paths through the Tutorials.

Quick Introduction

Look through the video to get a video overview of the Teneo Platform.

Teneo in 10 minutes

Go through Teneo in 10 minutes which will give you a crash course in Teneo.

After this crash-course you will be able to:

  • Open some flows and modify for example some answers.
  • Check the modification in Try Out.
  • Publish and chat with your bot (You can either do this by using the Teneo built in chat, using the URL in Publish to deploy it on Teneo Web Chat).

Longberry Baristas from scratch


Follow the Tutorials from Your first solution and continue down the list to the left.

Learn to build a bot

Cool! Your own Longberry Baristas bot should now be the same or even better than the preloaded one!

Deploy your bot on various channels

Learn a bit more on working with data

Test yourself

Coming soon

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