Publish your bot

Once you have built a bot and you feel it is ready to be shared with the public, your can publish it to an engine. This makes your bot available as a service that can be accessed via HTTPS. The SDK's and connectors documented in this section interact with the engine and help you make your bot come alive on various channels.

Publish environments

For a solution to be published in Teneo, it needs to get one or more publish environments. A publish environment specifies various details of the server your solution will be published to, like the type of server (development, QA, production) and, quite importantly, its URL.

In the Teneo Developer sandbox, publishing is limited to 7 bots per team. A publishing environment is automatically added to the first 7 bots.

Publish your bot

To publish your bot, proceed as follows:

  • Open the 'SOLUTION' tab in the solution's window.
  • Select 'Publish' in the left sidebar.
  • Click the 'Manage' button and in the dropdown choose 'Publish'.

You might see a warning saying 'Publish to 'Default env' stopped with warnings. '

First time publish warning

This is nothing to worry about; the warning is shown when you publish your solution for the first time or when you have made certain global changes. To proceed, just check the checkbox 'Perform full application deployment on Try again' and click the 'Try again' button.

The publication may take a couple of minutes; the video below is sped up slightly. When it has finished, you'll receive a confirmation pop-up.

Hello World!

Time to meet your bot! Click 'Open' in the publication confirmation pop-up. If you have already closed it, you can simply click the URL that is shown in the 'Publish' window instead. This will open a Teneo Web Chat web page where you can try out your bot.

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